Which Of The Following Will Result In An Unfavorable Direct Materials Efficiency Variance?

Are you searching for which of the following will result in an unfavorable direct materials efficiency variance?

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During September, MCP produced and sold 1,000 units using 2,200 pounds of direct materials at an average cost per pound of $2.00 and 360 direct labor hours at an average wage of $15.15 per hour. The direct material efficiency variance during September is _____. A) $660 favorable B) $660 unfavorable C) $460 favorable D) $460 unfavorable

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As shown in the following, the labor rate variance is $(97,500) favorable, and the labor efficiency variance is $234,000 unfavorable. **$936,000 standard direct labor cost matches the flexible budget presented in Note 10.18 “Review Problem 10.2”, part 2 .

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The use of high-quality raw materials is likely to result in a favorable efficiency variance and an unfavorable price variance. Answer: TRUE Direct material price variance is likely to be unfavorable if the purchasing manager switched to a lower-price supplier.

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an unfavorable labor efficiency variance can result from: ... 5,800 pounds. If the actual quantity purchased and used was 6,000 pounds, and the actual price per pound was $4.00, the direct materials price variance is: Materials Quantity Variance. SP(AQ-SQ) is the formula for the materials _____ variance. ... given the following, compute the ...

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Dec 12, 2021  · An unfavorable materials quantity variance would occur if a. more materials were purchased than were used. b. actual pounds of materials used were less than the standard pounds allowed. c. actual labor hours used were greater than the standard labor hours allowed. d. actual pounds of materials used were greater than the standard pounds allowed.

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Mar 11, 2021  · The following factors determine the efficiency of direct material variance: Identification: The direct material usage variance shows the difference in the quantity of material used in production compared to the budgeted quantity. If more material is consumed than budgeted, the result is unfavorable efficiency.

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Direct Materials Usage Variance. Let's assume that the Direct Materials Usage Variance account has a debit balance of $2,000 at the end of the accounting year. A debit balance is an unfavorable balance resulting from more direct materials being used than the standard amount allowed for the good output.

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Nunley Company's direct materials budget shows total cost of direct materials purchases for April $300,000, May $360,000 and June $420,000. Cash payments are 60% in the month of purchase and 40% in the following month.

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Standard Direct Materials cost = Expected cost of raw materials X ... Direct Labor Efficiency Variance: Actual Hours Standard Hours Variance Standard rate Total Variance Direct Labor 550 500 50 20 $1000.00 There is a $1000 unfavorable Efficiency variance. Arrow Industries (problem 12-3) See the exercise “Arrow Industries”: Problem 12-3 in

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ADVERTISEMENTS: The following points highlight the four major types of variance analysis. The types are: 1. Material Variances 2. Labour Variances 3. Variable Overhead Variances 4. Sales Variances. Variance Analysis: Type # 1. Material Variances: Some Definitions: ADVERTISEMENTS: 1. Direct Materials Usage Variance: “The difference between the standard quantity specified …

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